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About Us

Find out a little bit about our story below. You can always feel free to send us an email if you have any additional questions about us or would like more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike & Diana Dahlin

Mike & Diana are native Oregonians who have grown up skiing and playing in Central Oregon. A job offer for Mike allowed the family to move back to Bend after living in Colorado for 10 years.

The idea of a Home Watch business has come naturally as the in laws own a second home in Sunriver. When Mike and Diana moved back to Bend the job became theirs to check on the home. When Diana’s parents traveled to Africa for 3 weeks they only had the neighbor get the mail and the neighbor never went into their home. When they arrived home the refrigerator had failed! The freezer and all the contents were a total loss not to mention the smell.

Mike is a perfectionist by nature and, by profession, has a Turf and Horticulture degree from OSU. He will make sure the sprinklers are  functional and the landscaping is being cared for at your home.

Diana is a stay at home mom who has a degree from UofO in Corporate Adult fitness and a minor in Gerontology.

The family has a 9 yr. old girl and a very adorable puppy Lily.

They feel they can help save second home owner’s the worry about their homes by providing a professional and thorough inspection of their home once weekly and be able to coordinate services and repairs when needed.


Why Choose High Desert Home Watch

  • Enjoy your home and maximize your stay without the worry.
  • Reduce the cost of repairs if the problem is noticed right away.
  • Have the peace of mind that your home is in proper working order.
  • You would be hiring us and not a company. You would know exactly who is going into your home.
  • We can work as a liaison for services and repairs with local folks we trust and know.