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Our Services

High Desert Home Watch will provide a once a week exterior and interior assessment of your home (*Services are customizable  based on the home owners needs).  Following each visit a completed check list and photos of the interior and exterior of the home will be sent as well as any problems or concerns that are encountered.

Interior Services

Our checklist for the interior of your house

  • Check each room of the home and note any damage or any areas of concern.
  • Flush all toilets and run the sinks unless otherwise noted by the owner.
  • Make sure that all sink cabinet doors are open to guard against frozen pipes.
  • Assure that all windows and doors are functional and locked. Look for signs of leaking or damage.
  • Note any foul odors such as natural gas or mold.
  • Assure that all blinds and drapes are adjusted according to the owner’s instructions.
  • Check all freezers and refrigerators for temperature and function.
  • Check the interior temperature and thermostat.
  • Check circuit breaker box for tripped breakers.
  • Check the furnace and water heater for leaks or problems.
  • Note any signs of rodents or pests.
  • Water plants if requested.
  • Check for any fire hazards.
  • Adjust blinds as requested.
  • Replace light bulbs when needed.
  • Reset the clocks if needed.
  • Check the security system for proper function.

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Exterior Services

Our checklist for the exterior of your house

  • Check the perimeter of the home to make sure all windows, doors and screens are locked and no forced entry or vandalism is noted.
  • Check that the landscaping is being cared for according to the owners wishes.
  • Remove all mailers, flyers and newspapers from the property.
  • Check the garage door for any unusual activity or entry.
  • Visually scan roof for any damage such as heavy snow, ice dams or branches.
  • Note the presence of rodents or other insects or pests.
  • Check the electricity meter.
  • Run vehicle if requested and look for obvious leaks.
  • Check that utility markers have not been knocked over.
  • Asses if home services that have been requested are being done such as snow removal and yard care.

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*These checklists can be modified at the owners request and needs.

Upon the completion of each visit a report of all the above items will be emailed with a photo of the outside and inside of the home. Any problems or concerns will be noted with a photo and description.

We understand that having us watch your home requires an enormous amount of trust and we are willing to do what it takes to earn your trust.